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Top Box Chairs

No. 1 banquet chairs and tables in Ireland!

TOP CHAIRS Ltd. is the largest supplier of banquet chairs and tables in Ireland.

Our banquet chairs can be found in many conference and training facilities. We offer comfortable banquet chairs that meet the expectations of most demanding customers.

Banquet tables, both fixed and folding, designed for practicality of use, every day facilitate our customers the organization of receptions. A special system of rapid folding and unfolding of tables with NO-LOCK, a special safety device to prevent uncontrolled folding, guarantees you the fast assemble and safety of your guests.

Our offer is supplemented with banquet textiles, tablecloths and chair covers ensuring chic and elegance of any reception.

Banqueting chairs

STANDARD LINE & ECONOMIC LINE are the most popular chairs for HORECA Business (hotels, restaurants, catering facilities, conference rooms and other). Always available in stock. Made on a steel frame with popular shape, universal colours, sturdy design and best price. All these features make the line outstanding. MAESTRO LINE are banquet chairs produced in Poland, made of a metal frame (steel or aluminium) with the possibility of customization of the chair. It allows you to create your own unique models of chairs. More »

Banqueting tables

We offer stable, folding conference tables, banquet tables for restaurants, hotels, banquet halls, conference rooms, and more. Banquet tables and conference tables with a specially designed folding system that can easily be handled, folded and stacked.  More »

Banqueting textiles

We offer a high-quality collection of chair covers and table cloths in various styles and sizes. Thanks to our own sewing room, we can offer you products at very attractive prices, carefully made to keep the top standard.  More »


The offer of banquet chairs and tables is complemented with accessories increasing the practicality of our products. Specially designed trolleys for transporting stacked chairs or banquet tables make the transport and redistribution of furniture in your facility quick and easy. More »